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Marula Oil…for your hair?

We’ve loved the gorgeous glow Marula Oil has been giving us on our face and body, but have been yearning for a product that we can use on our hair that won’t weight it down. Move over Morrocan Oil, we have a new oil on the block!

Finally, Marula Pure Beauty Oil has released a Marula Hair Oil and Styling Treatment that treats the hair from within for stronger and healthier-looking hair. The Pure Marula Oil’s high Oleic Acid content lets oil deeply absorb into the scalp and hair shaft creating a beautiful shine. What really sets them apart from other brands like Moroccon Oil is that their oil is silicone-free. Silicone is used to create shine, but can actually dehydrate hair leaving it feeling dull and dry.

These oils also include Shiny Wrap Marula Plant Stem Cells which are clinically proven to help repair hair from internal and external damage and increase hair shine. Best used on towel-dried hair before styling to help lock in moisture, tames flyaways and control frizz without a greasy build-up. But, BE CAREFUL! A little goes a LONG way. Just a few drops will do wonders on your hair. What’s even better is there are two different oils so you can customize it to your hair type! For coarse, curly hair use the “Intensive” oil. For all other hair types, use the “Light” oil.

Say goodbye to bad hair days for life! Happy styling. 🙂


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