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Authentically Good For Your Skin


Discover the superior skincare oil for age defiance and healthy skin.

“My friends say I look younger and my skin is more vibrant. The oil is super hydrating and doesn’t leave that greasy look.”


“This product is beyond amazing. I have not found an oil cleanser that truly hydrates my skin and doesn’t leave or feeling oil. Perfect all weather cleanser!”


“I got this oil in my fabfitfunbox. I was very sceptical at first because I have sensitive skin and break out very easily especially from oil. I decided to try it and it is amazing. My break out cleared up over night. My skin doesn’t feel oil but is still hydrated. I would definitely recommend oil to anyone.”


Superior to Other Marula Oils

Hand selected, pure, and cold pressed. Our proprietary filtration process yield a more potent
and concentrated oil


Certified organic Marula oil.


Wild harvested, every part of the Marula tree is used in food, furniture, and medicine and cosmetic products

Empowering Women

Sustainable farmed in Africa, supporting underprivileged women to provide food and education for their children

Age Defying

Superior oil with high content of anti-oxidants & fatty acids like Omegas 6 & 9

Proven Results

100% of subjects showed an improvement in skin firmness at 8 weeks

Great for All Skin Types

Deeper penetration for maximum absorbency and better results

Multiple Uses

Use alone as a moisturizer, primer or hydrator.  Add to other products to enhance efficacy


Marula Oil Is Superior To Argan Oil

60% more powerful at fighting free radicals

Key Advantage
Pure Marula Oil
Leading Argan Oil
Better penetration, hydration and healing 70% Fatty Acids 43% Fatty Acids
Deeper skin penetration, for better results Nutrients go deeper for better skin health results Does not reach the deeper levels of the skin
Higher levels of skin hydration More Palmitic & Stearic Acids that create great hydration Less Palmitic & Stearic Acids = less hydration
More antioxidants for better ant-aging results Better protection of skin from environmental stressors = slows premature aging Lower levels of antioxidants compared to Marula = less protection from aging
Absorption Faster absorption = less oil on the skins surface Slower absorption = more oil on the skin’s surface
Can be used on all skin types Higher levels of Oleic Acids allows skin to open up more = noncomedogenic (won’t clog pores) Lower levels of Oleic Acids than Marula = may clog pores = not for all skin types
Anti-inflammatory Only oil used in clinical setting to reduce redness and promote healing No records of use in clinical setting
* Study conducted by Brunswick Laboratories

Superior Proven Results

Superior Proven Results

In a Clinical Study:


of subjects showed

Improvement In Skin Hydration

at 4 Weeks


of subjects showed

Improvement In Skin Firmness

at 4 Weeks


of subjects showed

Improvement In Skin Firmness

at 8 Weeks

In a Consumer Study:


of subjects showed

Their skin looked More Luminous and Radiant

at 4 Weeks


of subjects showed

their skin was More Hydrated

at 4 Weeks