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How To Fix Dry and Damaged Hair

The Fall and Winter months can leave your hair feeling dry and dull. If your hair is in need of some serious pampering, Marula Oil might be just what the doctor ordered.

I don’t know about you, but I put my hair through some SERIOUS torture. Being a platinum blonde comes with its side effects…some of those are dry, brittle and broken hair unfortunately. When we needed volunteers to try our new Marula Deep Moisture Hair Mask Intense Conditioning Treatment, I couldn’t raise my hand fast enough!

I’m a beauty fanatic so I’m always teasing, curling, blow drying and coloring my hair. I wasn’t really sold on having to use a mask before I tried the Marula Deep Moisture Hair Mask Intense Conditioning Treatment though. I thought…”I use a great conditioner. Isn’t that enough? “

I was blown away by the difference I felt in my hair after using the Marula Deep Moisture Hair Mask! Not only did it feel silkier and smoother, but my usual fine and weak hair felt stronger than ever! What’s unique about the Marula Deep Moisture Hair Mask Intense Conditioning Treatment is that the high levels of Oleaic Acid found in Pure Marula Oil acts as a carrier to bring the nutrient and antioxidants deep into the hair shaft for extra moisture and protection.

Here are 5 great tips and tricks I got straight from my hairstylist…

  1. Use once a week : Even if you think your hair is healthy, it could still be exposed to outside aggressors you’re not thinking of. The sun, swimming, wind, snow, etc. can all have a negative effect on your hair.
  2. It doesn’t have to take all day: You can get results in just 5 minutes! However, the longer you can leave the hair mask on the better. The best way is to apply it before you sleep, put a hair mask over it and voila! Wake up with amazing, silky hair.
  3. You should still shampoo and condition after: You’ll always want to shampoo and condition your hair after you use a mask in order to make sure you won’t have any product build-up leftover.
  4. You should comb the mask through your hair: As a reminder, you should always be using a wide tooth comb when handling wet hair – and when you apply a hair mask you should comb it through to the ends to make sure you’ve applied it to every last spot, before you let it sit.
  5. Heat it up: Heat speeds up chemical reactions and helps products bond to the cuticles of your hair. There are several ways to do this. Wrap your hair in a towel or cap. Your body heat, combined with the extended time the product is left on, enhances the mask. You can also amp it up by applying extra heat with a hair dryer.

Put them all together and enjoy pure hair transformation!

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