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5 Ways To Use Marula Oil in The Summer

There are so many great things about summertime no matter where you live. From BBQs to pool parties and vacations, it seems like there is always some fun to be had. In between all of the excitement though we tend to forget about the pure havoc we put on our skin when we spend more time outside. The sun, pollution and environmental aggressors can cause major damage. Luckily, Pure Marula Oil is not just an amazing anti-aging miracle, but there are many other ways you can use it that most people aren’t aware of.

  1. Sunburns – Did that outside happy hour or picnic run a little longer than you expected? Marula Oil is perfect for post-sun treatment as it reduces inflammation and redness. The Palmitic acid also traps in moisture for long-lasting hydration. Your skin will drink it right in!
  2. Stretch marks – Whether you’re a soon mommy-to-be or shedding your Winter layer, stretch marks can be a big  bummer on the skin. Marula Oil is high in omega fatty acids so it’s easily absorbed and leaves the skin   nourished, supple, elastic and firm. It’s also 100% natural and organic, so it’s safe to use during and after pregnancy.
  3. Makeup Primer – do you feel like every time you go outside your makeup melts right off? Marula Oil sinks deep into your skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue so it’s a perfect prep for foundation. It also leaves your skin looking hydrated and fresh. Who doesn’t want that?
  4. Post Procedure/Surgery – going in for that facial or chemical peel to get that gorgeous summer glow? Marula Oil will reduce the after effects such as redness and inflammation to get you to recovery quick so you can start showing off your radiant skin.
  5. Overnight Treatment –No need to spend your money on an expensive night cream. Save it for more gelato, floaties and fireworks! Nighttime is actually the most important time to bathe your skin in Marula Oil because this is when the skin is working hard to repair and rejuvenate! The high level of nutrients and antioxidants in Marula Oil will set right in and you’ll wake up feeling 10 years younger!



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