The Miracle of Marula - Wild Harvest

THE MIRACLE OIL - Wild Harvest

Marula’s beauty is beyond skin deep. The power of Marula begins in the communities of rural East Africa.

The production of Marula Oil provides rural women an essential sustainable source of income with which they feed, clothe, and educate their families.

The women gather the fallen Marula fruit from around their homes and bring
them to nearby collection points where the fruit pulp is removed for jams and
juices, the nut is then sun dried and shelled - nothing is wasted. The oil-rich
kernels are hand-selected and manually cold pressed to ensure the highest
quality product.

By adding value to this precious resource Marula Oil insures that the wild stands
of East African Marula trees will last well into the future.

Proud Member of the Fair Trade Association and Green America