The Miracle of Marula - The Healing Benefits

The Miracle of Marula
The Healing Benefits

"About a month ago I decided to get a chemical peel and used Marula Oil afterward. I did not experience the dry peeling after effects everyone describes after a chemical peel. The next day my skin looked fine. No dryness and no peeling. I was able to spend time with family and also go to the office with out looking like a snake shedding it's skin. When my face peeled the next morning the skin was so moist from the Marula Oil that it just wiped off with the towel. For the past month I have been using Marula Oil after washing my face at night and I can tell you that even though I’ve had the peel my face does not feel dry."

- MB, Newport Beach, CA


Skin Hydration & Tonality

Marula Oil and Antioxidant

Until recently physicians did not have a scientific way to measure skin aging, wrinkle, and sun damage. For the most part, plastic surgeons and dermatologists relied on subjective evaluations to determine skin changes and quantify skin healing properties. The innovative Visia machine from Canfield Scientific provides the first objective method of measuring skin aging and healing. It uses a combination of varying lights to photograph surface and sub-surface skin changes. It quantitatively measures wrinkles, pigmented spots, texture, UV damage, and skin blood flow. It is also able to compare results with a national data bank to determine the extent of skin damage relative to others of the same age. It is an excellent follow-up tool for the physician to determine how good a recommended skin healing product worked to restore skin.


Marula Oil has a unique blend of omega fatty acids that makes it an ideal moisturizer.  Skin hydration and plumpness can help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

“Marula Oil is the ideal moisturizer. It provides
a boost of anti-oxidant and hydration to the skin.  It is excellent for dry and sun damaged skin.”
- Dr. Kaidi
“It soaked in immediately. Some other oils I have tried stay on the surface of the skin too long, so they become a nuisance. I also noticed results quicker than other hand lotions/oils that I have used. Within 5 days of using the oil, I could tell a difference in the texture and feel of my skin.”
- SN, Newport Beach, CA
“It really made my skin soft, unbelievably soft, and hydrated.
- MH, Laguna Beach, CA

Dr. Kaidi’s Skin Study

Post Radiation Skin Care
with Marula Oil

Dr. Kaidi undertook a 24 patient clinical study to determine the efficacy of Marula Oil in treating damaged skin following radiation therapy for breast cancer. Patients were divided into 2 treatment groups. Patients in group 1 were instructed to apply the Marula Oil to affected skin twice daily for skin healing, while group 2 patients were instructed to apply a skin moisturizer. The patients were examined weekly for 6 weeks. The Marula Oil treated group had a more rapid resolution of erythema and edema. Patients described Marula Oil as soothing and fast absorbing.

*Intended for topical use only. Not intended for open wounds.


“While undergoing radiation treatments my skin became badly burnt and relief was hard to find. I tried everything. I did not receive complete relief until I tried Marula Oil.

Within hours I had relief from the burning discomfort and after a few days the blisters had gone. I continued to use the oil and found not only did it cure the burning and blistering but my scars from surgery had blended into my skin. I used the oil on my other scars and am finding that they also are blending in.

This is an amazing product that I cannot stop talking about!”
- MBT, Irvine, CA
“Let me start by saying that Marula Oil is incredible. I used it following my breast cancer radiation and it reduced the discomfort immediately. Within a couple of days of using the oil the redness was almost gone. Radiation treatments turned my skin dry and raw. My skin was so sensitive that I had a hard time with anything rubbing against it. Marula Oil was a great relief. It was very easy to apply and absorbed very quickly. My dry skin soaked up the oil and did not feel oily. It is an excellent moisturizer. Even though my skin is healed now, I am using the oil for my dry skin and sun ‘ exposed areas. I am a lifetime user.”
- MT, Irvine, CA
“I am a breast cancer survivor. After 8 weeks of radiation for my cancer treatment, my skin became very irritated and dry. At one point it even blistered. Dr. Kaidi recommended using Marula Oil and it really helped. It was very soothing and sped up the healing process. My skin felt re-nourished and moisturized. I really love the product and highly recommend it.”
- EF, Huntington Beach, CA
“I used Marula Oil following radiation therapy to my breast. Following radiation, my skin was very red and irritated. Within days my skin had calmed down and was significantly less red. After a couple of weeks of using Marula Oil my skin was no longer red. I also feel that it improved the overall texture and quality of my skin in that area.”
- JC, Newport Coast, CA