The Miracle of Marula - Wild Harvest

Benefit the life of your skin.
Benefit the lives of over 1,500 women.

CHANGING LIVES: Testimonials from East Africa

“I am able to provide for my family without selling my cattle. I don’t struggle for where to get money to pay my bills since I’ve now got income. Introduction of making products has created job opportunity for women who never had any hope for a job or any income. The women get to interact. I am able to pay school fees, buy goats and have started a small agriculture business.”

- Meshko, East Africa
“Women are now home providers earning an income, they finance their bills and help in the foundation of their home unlike before. With my money I buy goats, feed my family and I am buying building materials to set a new modern house.”

- Nesikare, East Africa
“All women are joined by the work & have become productive members of the community. Now men have a helping hand.”

- Nototito, East Africa
“Every day I wake up knowing I am a working class woman who no longer has to depend on anyone but my strength and effort. Working women have a certain recognition in the society since they bring change in the family set up. They do help their husbands in the foundation of their families by contributing.

- Nomshuki, East Africa