b glowing Talks About Honest Passion with Marula

Marula Beauty - Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"I wanted to create a place that would allow me to share that passion with a wide range of dynamic and gorgeous women! The result...b glowing!" - Lisa James, Founder of b glowing
Lisa James, founder of b-glowing our newest partner, sat down with us to talk about her passion for beauty and her new found love... Marula-The Leakey Collection.

[Marula Beauty] We loved reading about your life-long passion for beauty products from the age of 13. At age 24, most young women have a breakout when they start exploring beauty products, you had a break up with a long-term boyfriend that prompted you to splurge on yourself and load up on goodies in the beauty department at SAKS. What was the most luscious product you bought that day?


[Lisa James] I honestly can’t remember my favorite product, but I do remember the huge amount of samples the sales person gave me, and how I played with them for months and months!

[Marula Beauty] b-glowing focuses on brands that operate with an independent spirit and you believe there is an honest passion behind these brands, which reaches out to the consumer. Is that what attracted you to Marula?

[Lisa James] Yes, we truly believe the passion behind a brand (and b-glowing) comes through to our customers. Marula not only is a beautiful product that benefits its user, the company does good by giving back to the world. You can’t ask for much more than that!

[Marula Beauty] Being the beauty junkie that you are, have you tested Marula and if so, what would you tell your girlfriends about the product?

[Lisa James] I absolutely love Marula! I use it on my face at night AS a hydration elixir. It keeps my skin nourished, hydrated and firm. I noticed within a couple of weeks that my skin just looks more youthful and nourished. I look forward to putting it on my face at night. It feels like my secret ritual to youthful looking skin!

[Marula Beauty] March is known as Women's History month, meant to recognize the contributions and progress of women across history and around the world. Is there a woman you would like to recognize for her contribution in making a difference for women?

[Lisa James] In mass media I always believed Oprah Winfrey inspired and motivated women in many different areas. She has taken all of us on her search for strength, courage and peace of mind while sharing her financial success to support and empower women around the world.

[Marula Beauty] What do you think we all can do to support and empower women around the world?

[Lisa James] If we aren’t in a position to share financially with organizations that empower women I think it’s so important to take the time to do so. Mentoring young girls, helping women in shelters and inspiring women to understand they can achieve any profession they wish is so important. I grew up in a household where I didn’t believe I had any limitations because I was a girl. All women should grow up with that belief wherever they live in our world. Sadly there are still so many parts of our world where women are lower than second- class citizens and have no rights. Anything we can do to help bring attention to travesties like that and help make changes to it is indeed one of the best things we can do.

[Marula Beauty] Does B-Glowing have any philanthropic initiatives?

[Lisa James] We work regularly with women’s shelters in the Portland area providing beauty and hygiene products. Whether it’s products necessary for daily hygiene or cosmetics to help prepare someone for a job interview, these things really do make a difference. Some of our more extravagant products also provide inspiration as they remind these women what it is like to feel beautiful again. It’s amazing what a beautiful bottle of perfume next to our bed can do for our spirit. We love being able to provide a smile to these women and help them take steps towards a better life.  


[Marula Beauty] Thank you Lisa! You are an inspiration and we look forward to a long beautiful relationship!

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